ALPHA・ONE World’s First.
Tonino Lamborghini’s Facial Massager

Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A. was founded
in Italy in 1981 by Mr. Tonino Lamborghini,
heir to the Lamborghini family.

Inspired by his family tradition and extensive experience in
mechanical and automobile engineering, Mr. Lamborghini has
developed a lifestyle experience brand consisting of luxury design
products such as watches, eyewear, leather goods, and smartphones.

The values of the Tonino Lamborghini brand are uncompromising spirit,
Italian ingenuity and design, and the brand’s talent recognized worldwide
as a symbol of luxury, exclusivity, and Italian taste.
With unique and personalized products inspired by Italian industrial design
and the mechanical heritage of the Lamborghini family, Tonino Lamborghini
S.p.A. will deliver Italian passion and spirit to the world market.

Tonino Lamborghini

Product name

The world’s first and only* luxury facial massager made possible by “advanced” technology and design.

An unrivaled world view of uniqueness and originality created by the Lamborghini family. It is constantly creating something new that others would not think of. The origin of ALPHA-ONE is as follows. “ONE” originates from the combination of the brand ambassador Tsuyoshi Shinjo’s uniform number “one” and “the world’s first and only” made possible by Tonino Lamborghini’s advanced technology and design. “ALPHA” originates from an unknown possibility that is expanded as you continue to try something. ALPHA-ONE makes it a real possibility in the form of beauty.
*As Tonino Lamborghini’s facial massager


Tonino Lamborghini’s passion for
creativity, mechanical engineering,
and design

The keywords of Lamborghini’s DNA are strength, Italianness, and creativity.
In 1981, Tonino Lamborghini proposed the “lifestyle experience brand” to
the luxury sector, and now produces an all-round lifestyle.
The facial massager ALPHA-ONE produced by Tonino Lamborghini and
the Japanese beauty company Rhythm Co., Ltd. inherits their passion for
design, Italian art, mechanics, and engines.

The world’s first mechanical engineering

The facial massager ALPHA-ONE produced by Tonino Lamborghini and the Japanese beauty company Rhythm Co., Ltd. is equipped with a patent-pending technology that defies the stereotype of beauty devices. It is very unique not only in appearance but also in function. It is the world’s first facial massager produced by Tonino Lamborghini.

Original and
unique design

Unique, strong, recognizable, bold and confident design with a strong sense of values tied to the family history of the passion for mechanical engineering and Italian spirit. We provide a unique experience that you get out of your comfort zone by owning a product produced with great passion.


Shining beautifully
Champagne gold is now available!
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Patented technology* Quattro exclusively for

Patent pending as of April 2022

Patented technology* Quattro that generates ultrasonic waves from four parts is adopted. Facial care by lift-up*

The unique technology Quattro delivers vibrations to skin more widely by generating ultrasonic vibrations from four parts. It is combined with EMS and microcurrent technologies, and produces unique results that only ALPHA-ONE can achieve.

Use by pulling up the machine

A normal facial massager has only one electrode per device, but ALPHA-ONE has succeeded in generating unprecedented “interference complex waves” by arranging four electrodes. This makes it possible to treat skin efficiently.


Four operation modes of ALPHA-ONE

Manual mode 01

Pre-care treatment

Patent-pending technology Quattro x Microcurrent x RF soften skin and make it fine.

Manual mode 02

Facial muscle exercise

Patent-pending technology Quattro x Cyclone EMS x RF work together to gently treat a wide area of skin at one time. Furthermore, special waveforms reduce stimulation. Comfortable exercise.

Manual mode 03

Tightening care

Patent-pending technology Quattro x ion introduction efficiently deliver beauty ingredients* to the skin, and make it tighter and smoother. Beauty ingredients of cosmetics used

Manual mode 04

Eye area care

Microcurrent output from the electrodes designed for the eye area on the top of the head is gentle for the skin and makes the eye area look vibrant.

Use as you like
in four skin environments.


A unique experience of improving*
in seven minutes a day

Improving skin condition


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The one and only guarantee card in the world that is engraved with a certification serial number is issued

A guarantee card with an engraved serial number is issued for every single product. No product in the world has the same number. The special feeling that you can get your own number is something of an unparalleled luxury.

  • ギャランティカード表イメージ
  • ギャランティカード裏イメージ

*You cannot specify the number.

ALPHA-ONE is a facial massager jointly developed
by the Japanese beauty company Rhythm Co., Ltd.
and Tonino Lamborghini S.p.A.

Rhythm Co., Ltd. develops diverse brands including the skincare brand “enisie series” and beauty devices for professionals,
and enjoys tremendous support from esthetic salons, beauty salons, and beauty clinics in Japan.
The Rhythm brand’s motto is to break conventional rules and constantly develop original products.
Rhythm Co., Ltd. delivers love through beauty care to everyone involved.


198,000 yen (including tax)

ABS, SUS, and others
Approx. 243g
Length 214 x Width 74 x Height 80 (mm)
Output adjustment
5 levels
Power consumption
Approx. 5.6W (ultrasonic + RF),
Approx. 3.5W (when charging)
Lithium-ion battery 7.4V 1100mAh
Charging stand
ABS and others
Approx. 238g
Length 158 x Width 91 x Height 41 (mm)
Power adapter
AC100V - 240V 50/60Hz
DC12V 0.5A
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